Language courses abroad

During your language journey, you will not only learn or deepen new languages, but experience them.

Book locally - learn worldwide

Language training that you've started at inlingua anywhere in the world can be continued at any inlingua center you care to choose – preferably in a country where the target language is spoken.

Suppose you want to enjoy a language-learning vacation in "bella Italia". Or you need intensive training in business English in the UK. Your local inlingua center will organize a language-learning trip or a crash course, using the worldwide inlingua network. No bother with correspondence. It's all done for you in one service operation.

Group Programs

Intensive training in small groups, 15 to 30 training hours. Excursions and other extra cultural activities turn the training course into a living experience.

Crash Intensity Program (CIP)

Highly intensive one-on-one training with 15 to 40 training hours per week. An individualized training program takes into account your expertise and your aims, plus the contents and pace you require. You work with a team of two or three trainers.

Maximum Intensity Program (MIP)

The inlingua center organizes ten hours of one-on-one training daily, tailored precisely to your requirements. A Director of Studies coordinates the team of three or four trainers, supporting and checking on progress. So you get the maximum amount of speaking practice and opportunity to use the skills you acquire.

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