inlingua Plus

Reach your goals faster with inlingua Plus; a combination of face-to-face training and online content.

The blended learning offer inlingua Plus

With inlingua Plus blended learning your face-to-face lessons are combined with E-Learning. This includes Virtual Classroom, Conversation Classes and my.lab.

All content is based on the proven inlingua Method and provides the perfect comliment to your inlingua Language Training.

Available in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian, my.lab offers an efficient means to train your language skills in these five languages. With your personal login you can access your personal learning platform at anytime from anywhere. With more that 4000 exercises my.lab offers an excellent support to help you reach your language learning goals.

inlingua Online Learning comprises:

  • A workbook with numerous exercises based on your language level
  • A grammar book with explanations and exercises to practice with
  • Listening and speaking exercises
  • Numerous vocabulary exercises to broaden your vocabulary
  • A chat function to communicate with your online-Trainer
  • A monolingual dictionary which saves searched words

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