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Trainers, translators and office staff

inlingua is international

The opportunities for inlingua trainers are unparalleled. First, you get solid training. Next, you can apply anywhere in the worldwide inlingua network and gain an unlimited amount of experience. So your first assignment could be training clients in Bremen for two years. Then you switch to inlingua Barcelona or Bangkok!

inlingua is challenging

Whether as a trainer or a member of the office staff, at inlingua you learn about a very wide variety of business activity.

  • You meet motivated people with ambitious aims and exciting plans.
  • You get to know modern business enterprises.
  • You work in a team, which means you learn from your colleagues.

inlingua is future-oriented

Training and further training. That is what we offer and that is the challenge we set ourselves. The vision of the learning society at inlingua it's everyday reality.

We look forward to working with you!

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