Exams and exam preparation

Language exams

inlingua not only offers a free placement test to instantly assess your language skills, but also helps you prepare efficiently and individually for each official language test.

Language exams - evidence of your language skills

All inlingua training materials are in line with the language proficiency levels laid down in the Common European Framework. But this is not the only reason to choose inlingua for language examinations. inlingua centers offer preparation courses for a number of Cambridge Certificate examinations, and many of them also conduct the examination.

German as a Foreign Language

inlingua German courses serve as an excellent preparation for the basic, elementary, intermediate and DSH examinations.

Levels, Certificates, Examinations

  • The inlingua APP proficiency levels are precisely aligned to the internationally recognized certificates.
  • The inlingua proficiency level 1.0 corresponds exactly to A2 in the Common European Framework, 2.0 to B1, 3.0 to B2, 4.0 to C1 and the highest level 5.0 to C2.
  • inlingua offers English tests up to the B2 level of the European Language Certificates. Many inlingua centers are also examination centers officially recognized by Cambridge University for the Business English Certificate (BEC). The three BEC levels (Preliminary, Vantage and Higher) correspond to the Common European Framework levels B1, B2 and C1.
  • Some inlingua schools are certified TOEIC centers.
  • European language certificates can be obtained in French, Spanish and Italian. These certificates are offered up to level B2. A TFI examination can be taken as a test of business language proficiency.
  • inlingua German courses can take you all the way up to the intermediate examination (Mittelstufenpr├╝fung), which corresponds to the Common European Framework level C1.