E-learning with inlingua

Benefit from a variety of flexible e-learning language courses and improve your language skills at your pace, according to your needs and from wherever you want.

Sense of achievement online

Experience shows that self-study programs are ineffective without the support of a trainer. Consequently inlingua only offers E-learning components which supplement our training at various levels.

Quickie Exercises

Feel like a quick check during the lunch break that you've really got hold of some language item? The inlingua Quickie Exercises are fun to do and they give you the opportunity of picking up useful extra know-how.

Support Exercises

Want to consolidate and reinforce the new language steps you're taking? These exercises (at Level 1B, Level 2A + B, Level 3A) are fun and you consolidate your knowledge at the same time. They are also a fast way of making up any ground lost through missing a lesson.


The CD-ROM enables you to do follow-up work on your own, supplementing the inlingua training and focusing on specific areas.

E-Mail penpals

As a participant in an inlingua course you can join the "pen-pal" index and start up an email correspondence with native speakers of the target language. Which means you use your language skills productively and realistically.

Steps to your request

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